Hybrid Plank

Floor photographed: Atherton Spotted Gum KBH305
Hybrid Plank

The literal definition of Hybrid is something being made by combining two different elements. Hybrid flooring is just that, the best elements of vinyl and laminate combined to create a new bread of flooring. Advanced multi layered manufacturing process making a superior 100% waterproof floor with none of the issues associated with traditional wood based flooring.


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Floor photographed: Cradle Mountain Sassafrass KBH306
KBH301 - Bleached Marri

KBH301 Bleached Marri

KBH302 - Limed Blackbutt

KBH302 Limed Blackbutt

KBH303 - Natural Oak

KBH303 Natural Oak

KBH304 - Character Spotted Gum

KBH304 Character Spotted Gum

KBH305 - Atherton Spotted Gum

KBH305 Atherton Spotted Gum

KBH306 - Cradle Mountain Sassafrass

KBH306 Cradle Mountain Sassafrass

KBH307 - Kellar Oak

KBH307 Kellar Oak

KBH308 - Margaret River Marri

KBH308 Margaret River Marri


Floor photographed: Washed Oak ASU1001

AquaSmart is the smart flooring choice that delivers technological advances in flooring, constructed from wood fibres and thermoplastics with an LVT top. The rigid core maximises general stability with a durable vinyl backing layer making it resistant to chips and dents. Smart enough to use in residential kitchen, laundry, bedroom, living and dining ares. Robust enough for offices, retail, multi-unit and aged care.

ASU1001 - Washed Oak

ASU1001 Washed Oak

ASU1012 - Squatters Gum

ASU1012 Squatters Gum

ASU1023 - Heritage Oak

ASU1023 Heritage Oak

ASU1034 - New Zealand Ironwood

ASU1034 New Zealand Ironwood

ASU1045 - Select  Yarri

ASU1045 Select Yarri

ASU1056 - Messmate

ASU1056 Messmate

ASU1068 - Spotted Gum

ASU1068 Spotted Gum

ASU1080 - Chestnut Oak

ASU1080 Chestnut Oak


Floor photographed: AQL1403 Bleached Blackbutt

Aqualife Hybrid Flooring is the latest technological advancement in hard flooring. It combines the best features of Laminate Floating Floor and Luxury Vinyl Planks into one durable and cost effective solution. Aqualife is extremely durable and highly resistant to indentation due to the wear layer being reinforced with Aluminium Oxide. Aqualife can be installed in all areas including traditional wet areas creating a seamless look throughout your home or business. Spills are no issue as Aqualife is 100% waterproof, making it the perfect choice for you.

AQL1402 - River Pebble Oak

AQL1402 River Pebble Oak

AQL1403 - Bleached Blackbutt

AQL1403 Bleached Blackbutt

AQL1405 - Sandy Gum

AQL1405 Sandy Gum

AQL1406 - Narvic Oak

AQL1406 Narvic Oak

AQL1408 - Viking Oak

AQL1408 Viking Oak

AQL1409 - Tamar Valley Oak

AQL1409 Tamar Valley Oak

AQL1410 - Sapporo Oak

AQL1410 Sapporo Oak

AQL1417 - Weathered Sassafras

AQL1417 Weathered Sassafras

AQL1418 - Snowy River Spotted Gum

AQL1418 Snowy River Spotted Gum

AQL1419 - Derwent Blackbutt

AQL1419 Derwent Blackbutt

Kenect 5G

Kenect 5G
Floor photographed: Mt Fuji Oak KC1520

Kenect 5G is a multi-layered, waterproof floor which features the most advanced Hybrid core technology combined with the best features of LVT, a truly advanced Hybrid. The core is constructed using Limestone Calcium bonded with PVC, ensuring the product is both dimensionally and structurally stable. It features not one but 2 LVT layers. The top layer for more realistic and tactile surface finishes and the bottom layer for additional stability. Kenect 5G is named for its advanced 5G locking system allowing planks to be quickly installed over most existing hard floors.

KC1520 - Mt Fuji Oak

KC1520 Mt Fuji Oak

KC1522 - Sandy Oak

KC1522 Sandy Oak

KC1523 - Rare Ghost Gum

KC1523 Rare Ghost Gum

KC1524 - Heritage Oak Blend

KC1524 Heritage Oak Blend

KC1526 - Valley Spotted Gum

KC1526 Valley Spotted Gum

KC1527 - Coastal Blackbutt

KC1527 Coastal Blackbutt

KC1528 - Hunter Blackbutt

KC1528 Hunter Blackbutt

KC1529 - Warm Aged Oak

KC1529 Warm Aged Oak