Commercial Vinyl Flooring Melbourne & Sydney

Floor photographed: Limed Elm KB938TA
Luxury Vinyl Planks & Tiles

The primary criteria for all quality commercial flooring are function, aesthetics and specification. The Kenbrock range of LVT flooring delivers on all the KPIs.

  • a multiplicity of design options.
  • durability, backed by confident warranties.
  • strong environmental credentials: minimum 28% pre-consumer recycled content.
  • ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification.
  • Use of AloxPlus, an advanced commercial depth protective wear layer.

Kenbrock is the first LVT supplier in Australia to incorporate Hexamoll® DINCH® the world’s safest plasticiser from world renowned chemical company, BASF. Hexamoll® DINCH® is the safest plasticizer in the world as it is phthalate and formaldehyde free.


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Craftmaster 55

Craftmaster 55
Floor photographed: Spotted Gum KB501HP
Floor photographed: Spotted Gum KB501HP

The Craftmaster collection draws inspiration from the diverse and stunning timbers of Australia. It is a range designed to appeal to the tactile senses and is the culmination of years of technological advances in flooring, delivering hand scraped finishes which echo the unique touch and feel of our native timbers.

This stock is available as Indent only.

KB501HP - Spotted Gum

KB501HP Spotted Gum

KB502HP - Aged Marri

KB502HP Aged Marri

KB503HP - Blackheart Marri

KB503HP Blackheart Marri

KB504HP - Marri

KB504HP Marri

KB506HP - Washed Taupewood

KB506HP Washed Taupewood

KB508HP - Marginata

KB508HP Marginata

KB510HP - Weathered Marri

KB510HP Weathered Marri

KB515HP - Spotted Lemon Gum

KB515HP Spotted Lemon Gum

KB521HP - Cradle Mountain Sassafras

KB521HP Cradle Mountain Sassafras

KB522HP - Hand Scrubbed Blackbutt

KB522HP Hand Scrubbed Blackbutt

KB524HP - Distinctive Blackbutt

KB524HP Distinctive Blackbutt

KB528HP - Messmate

KB528HP Messmate

Pinnacle 55

Pinnacle 55
Floor photographed: Capone KB950TA
Floor photographed: Capone KB950TA

It’s all about space. Once the basics are in place…

  • durability
  • sustainability
  • reliability
  • compatability

… then Pinnacle 55 delivers on a level of it’s own. These wider, longer and larger planks create urban feelings of space. Seeing is believing.

KB923TA - White Maple

KB923TA White Maple

KB924TA - Stone Ash

KB924TA Stone Ash

KB926HSL - Bordeaux Oak

KB926HSL Bordeaux Oak

KB928TA - Tavern Oak

KB928TA Tavern Oak

KB930TA - Limed Grey Gum

KB930TA Limed Grey Gum

KB937TA - Aged Leatherwood

KB937TA Aged Leatherwood

KB938TA - Limed Elm

KB938TA Limed Elm

KB945TA - Premium Kauri

KB945TA Premium Kauri

KB946TA - Select Walnut

KB946TA Select Walnut

KB950TA - Capone

KB950TA Capone

KB953TA - French Villa Parquet

KB953TA French Villa Parquet

KB957TA - Tasmanian Blackwood

KB957TA Tasmanian Blackwood

Town & Country Tile 55

Town & Country Tile 55
Floor photographed: Checkerboard Blend of Polished Black Stone & Polished White Stone NS101HP / NS102HP
Floor photographed: Checkerboard Blend of Polished Black Stone & Polished White Stone NS101HP / NS102HP

For commercial applications, tiles in the larger  457m x 457mm size reflect wide open spaces.

457mm x 457mm

NS101HP - Polished Black Stone

Polished Black Stone

NS102HP - Polished White Stone

Polished White Stone

NS102HP, NS101HP - Checkerboard Blend

NS102HP, NS101HP
Checkerboard Blend


Floor photographed: Royal Oak DP1312
Floor photographed: Royal Oak DP1312
DP1301 - Bleached Oak

DP1301 Bleached Oak

DP1304 - Limed Silver Birch

DP1304 Limed Silver Birch

DP1307 - Ghost Gum

DP1307 Ghost Gum

DP1310 - Pitch Cypress

DP1310 Pitch Cypress

DP1312 - Royal Oak

DP1312 Royal Oak

DP1315 - Taupe Oak

DP1315 Taupe Oak

DP1318 - Outback Station

DP1318 Outback Station

DP1320 - Aubour

DP1320 Aubour

DP1323 - Oak de Rhone

DP1323 Oak de Rhone

DP1324 - Rainforest Spotted Gum

DP1324 Rainforest Spotted Gum

Not only does our commercial quality vinyl flooring look great, but it’s also better for you, and better for the environment. Manufactured using phthalate and formaldehyde free plasticisers, when they choose our commercial vinyl flooring, Melbourne and Sydney locals can be confident that they have chosen the very best in safe and durable flooring solutions.

Made to last, even with the heavy traffic of commercial use, you won’t have to replace the flooring any time soon, and with the choice of beautiful and distinctive designs that are available, we hope you won’t want to.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring Inspired by Australian Timbers

From the rainbow hues of Australian spotted gum, to the gentle warmth of messmate, our commercial vinyl flooring has a distinctly Australian style, without the destruction associated with the logging of these beautiful hardwood timbers.

Not only do these vinyl planks look the part, but the technological recreation of hand scraped finishes gives these flooring solutions an authentic feel as well. Choose the rustic style of reclaimed timber, or the distinction of a polished hardwood floor, without the expense and ongoing maintenance requirements.

It’s just one of the many reasons you’ll see our commercial vinyl flooring in Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart, and throughout the rest of Australia.

Retro Tile Styles in Commercial Vinyl Flooring for Melbourne & Sydney

Our Town & Country collection gives a touch of retro style to any space. American diner or old farmhouse kitchen, whatever look you’re going for, if you want a monochromatic tiling style, then our chequerboard blend will give you the look, without the price tag or the upkeep.

Alternatively, our polished stone vinyl tiles put sophisticated glamour within anyone’s reach.

So, whether you’re looking for commercial vinyl flooring in Melbourne, Sydney, or any other part of Australia, you will find exceptional products with generous commercial warranties within the Kenbrock range.

Eco-friendly Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Manufactured using a minimum of 28% pre-consumer recycled materials, and living up to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, you can count on the green credentials of the luxury vinyl planks and tiles in the Kenbrock range of commercial vinyl flooring. Sydney, Melbourne, and the rest of Australia seem to agree, when it comes to environmentally responsible flooring, Kenbrock delivers the beautiful, durable, and responsible flooring that commercial enterprises need.