Craftmaster 55

Craftmaster 55
Floor photographed: Cool Oak KB519HP
Floor photographed: Cool Oak KB519HP

The Craftmaster collection draws inspiration from the diverse and stunning timbers of Australia. It is a range designed to appeal to the tactile senses and is the culmination of years of technological advances in flooring, delivering hand scraped finishes which echo the unique touch and feel of our native timbers.

This stock is available as Indent only.

KB501HP - Spotted Gum

KB501HP Spotted Gum

KB502HP - Aged Marri

KB502HP Aged Marri

KB503HP - Blackheart Marri

KB503HP Blackheart Marri

KB504HP - Marri

KB504HP Marri

KB506HP - Washed Taupewood

KB506HP Washed Taupewood

KB507HP - Character Oak

KB507HP Character Oak

KB508HP - Marginata

KB508HP Marginata

KB510HP - Weathered Marri

KB510HP Weathered Marri

KB515HP - Spotted Lemon Gum

KB515HP Spotted Lemon Gum

KB519HP - Cool Oak

KB519HP Cool Oak

KB521HP - Cradle Mountain Sassafras

KB521HP Cradle Mountain Sassafras

KB522HP - Hand Scrubbed Blackbutt

KB522HP Hand Scrubbed Blackbutt