Cushionwood Commercial Flooring

Cushionwood Commercial Flooring
Floor photographed: Sandy Ridge Elm CWM1242
Floor photographed: Sandy Ridge Elm CWM1242

Comfort comes in many forms and fashions. As the name suggests Cushionwood  Modular features extra thickness for less sound transfer and longer planks for a more elegant visual. The heavy wear layer provides excellent durability and the PUR surface treatment reduces the level of maintenance required. These planks are Phthalate free, containing no harmful fillers nor harmful plasticisers.

CWM1201 - Riverstone Oak

CWM1201 Riverstone Oak

CWM1227 - Alpine Bleached Ash

CWM1227 Alpine Bleached Ash

CWM1232 - Mystery Oak

CWM1232 Mystery Oak

CWM1242 - Sandy Ridge Elm

CWM1242 Sandy Ridge Elm

CWM1243 - Truffle Oak

CWM1243 Truffle Oak

CWM1292 - Mountain Ash

CWM1292 Mountain Ash

CWM1333 - Highland Spotted Gum

CWM1333 Highland Spotted Gum

CWM1334 - Vintage Oak

CWM1334 Vintage Oak

CWM1335 - Select Tasmanian Oak

CWM1335 Select Tasmanian Oak

CWM2752 - Coonawarra Oak

CWM2752 Coonawarra Oak