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Luxury Vinyl Planks and Flooring Installation in Melbourne, Sydney & QLD

With 95 years of business under our belt, Kenbrock are a premier provider of vinyl planks and vinyl flooring in Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland. Carried out within a quick turnaround, we offer a no fuss installation of luxury vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl planks. Beyond the affordability factor, vinyl planks are surprisingly easy to maintain. The primary criteria for vinyl flooring are function, aesthetics and specification. The Kenbrock range of LVT flooring each come with confident warranties, strong environmental credentials, ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification, AloxPlus protective layering and a multitude of design options.

Premium Vinyl Planks for Sale in QLD

Australia's premier national residential flooring supplier, Kenbrock supply luxury vinyl planks throughout Queensland. Environmentally sound, industry proven and built to last, vinyl planks are an excellent addition to any interior space. Before sale, all vinyl planks supplied meet a list of specific criteria, ensuring you receive an eco-friendly, durable surface for many years to come.

Luxury Vinyl Planks for Sale in Sydney

Awarded the Top Flooring Extra Supplier for 2019, Kenbrock bring an extensive track record of quality to the table. If your interiors need a revamp, we offer green tag certified vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl planks for sale throughout the Sydney area.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Suppliers in Melbourne

Kenbrock supply high-end flooring for affordable pricing, offering prompt installation for luxury vinyl plank flooring across Melbourne. We offer detailed, simple and precise installation of luxury vinyl planks, waterproof flooring and vinyl sheets that are all purpose built to last. In addition, all floors come with a guarantee for sustainability and eco certification.

Affordable Vinyl Plank Flooring for Sydney Properties

Searching for premium vinyl flooring in Sydney? Kenbrock are your one stop shop. Awarded the Top Flooring Extra Supplier for 2019, we offer a range of modern vinyl plank flooring for sale, with affordable and timely installation included. With vinyl planks for sale, vinyl sheets for sale and luxury vinyl plank flooring, Kenbrock have all your vinyl needs sorted. Contact your local Kenbrock provider now!

Engineered Timber Flooring Melbourne

A variation of LVP flooring, engineered timber flooring combines a realistic hardwood look and feel with excellent durability. An award winning and green tag certified business, Kenbrock deliver affordable, no-fuss installation of engineered timber flooring in Melbourne. All engineered timber flooring we provide is sourced through ecofriendly and sustainable practices. In addition, Kenbrock is a green tag certified business, meaning that all flooring installed comes with an environmental guarantee.

Engineered Vinyl Flooring Installation in Melbourne

With decades of experience in the field, Kenbrock specialise in the installation of engineered vinyl flooring across Melbourne. Surfaces of this type are typically thicker than other vinyl plank material. Constructed in layers, EVP generally consists of vinyl, a density core board and an attached underlayment at the bottom. The primary criteria for all EVP flooring options are function, aesthetics and specification. All Kenbrock EVP flooring fit outs feature sustainable environmental practices, ISO9001 & ISO14001 certification, protective layering and a multitude of design options. Engineered vinyl flooring is custom designed to maximise quality and extend the flooring’s lifespan. Regardless of the style you prefer, we offer generous warranties and guarantees for each EVP installed or fitted out in Melbourne.

Premium Engineered Vinyl Planks in Melbourne – Supply & Installation

Providing specialised installation for engineered vinyl planks in Melbourne, Kenbrock possess over 95 years of industry experience and expertise. Generally installed in bathrooms, kitchens and other high-traffic areas, EVP flooring is a cutting-edge material that combines the same hardwood feel of solid timber whilst maintaining a strong and durable surface. Engineered vinyl planks are cost effective, water resistant and low maintenance. Once installed, each surface offers excellent year-round protection for the unpredictable Australian climate. To arrange the installation of engineered vinyl planks anywhere in Melbourne, contact the Kenbrock head office now at (03) 9765 2222.
Luxury Vinyl Planks & Tiles
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