Carpet Court Ranges

Floor photographed: Manuka CCM866
Carpet Court Ranges

Carpet Court is Australias largest floor coverings specialist, with a growing network of 200 stores Australia wide. All stores are locally owned and operated, with specialist staff who will know just how to help you find your perfect floor choice.

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Harmony Plank

Floor photographed: Elegant Spotted Gum CP872HSL
Harmony Plank

Harmony’s designers have worked tirelessly in search for the finest timbers to reproduce for this range. From a wide palette of ancient oaks to the natural hues of ash and gum, the grains and colours designed to give any room a contemporary feel. All Harmony ranges have been manufactured using DINCH plasticiser making it phthalate free.

CP843HSL - Kiri

CP843HSL Kiri

CP846TA - Hoop Ash

CP846TA Hoop Ash

CP860HSL - Siberian Oak

CP860HSL Siberian Oak

CP862HSL - Limed Oak

CP862HSL Limed Oak

CP864HSL - American White Oak

CP864HSL American White Oak

CP866HSL - Manuka

CP866HSL Manuka

CP868 - French Oak

CP868 French Oak

CP870 - Wine Barrel Oak

CP870 Wine Barrel Oak

CP872HSL - Elegant Spotted Gum

CP872HSL Elegant Spotted Gum

CP874 - Manchurian Oak

CP874 Manchurian Oak

CP876 - Gun Metal Oak

CP876 Gun Metal Oak

CP878TA - Storm Oak

CP878TA Storm Oak

Harmony Artisan

Floor photographed: Creation ART502HP
Harmony Artisan

The Artisan range is designed to appeal to the touch as well as the eye. It represents classic Australian colours and styles, featuring hand scraped, embossed timber textures.

ART501HP - Nature's Art

ART501HP Nature's Art

ART502HP - Creation

ART502HP Creation

ART503HP - Blackheart Marri

ART503HP Blackheart Marri

ART504HP - Masterpiece

ART504HP Masterpiece

ART506HP - Harmony Taupe

ART506HP Harmony Taupe

ART508HP - Grandeur

ART508HP Grandeur

ART510HP - Renaissance

ART510HP Renaissance

ART515HP - Attitude

ART515HP Attitude

ART521HP - Valley Sassafras

ART521HP Valley Sassafras

ART522HP - Le Cafe Boutique

ART522HP Le Cafe Boutique

ART524HP - The Spotted Gum

ART524HP The Spotted Gum

ART528HP - Victorian Ash

ART528HP Victorian Ash

Harmony Living

Floor photographed: Weathered Pine KB644HSL
Harmony Living

The Harmony Living Collection has been designed to accommodate busy lifestyles. Its wider and longer plank adds a modern feel to this visually appealing 12 shades, textures and grains delivering an earthy, relaxed feel.

KB605HSL - Sawn Chestnut

KB605HSL Sawn Chestnut

KB619 - Queensland Sycamore

KB619 Queensland Sycamore

KB624 - Scandinavian Oak

KB624 Scandinavian Oak

KB627TA - Trafalgar Oak

KB627TA Trafalgar Oak

KB629TA - Japanese Oak

KB629TA Japanese Oak

KB633HSL - Tableland Marri

KB633HSL Tableland Marri

KB647HSL - Bamboo

KB647HSL Bamboo

KB639HSL - Sandy Oak

KB639HSL Sandy Oak

KB642HSL - Russet Oak

KB642HSL Russet Oak

KB643HSL - African Storm

KB643HSL African Storm

KB644HSL - Weathered Pine

KB644HSL Weathered Pine

KB651TA - Outback Glory

KB651TA Outback Glory

Harmony Living Oak

Floor photographed: River Oak KB778HSL
Harmony Living Oak

Living Oak is a collection of the world’s most sought after oak timber designs. This range is the perfect choice for any interior with smooth or textured embosses providing a tactile aspect to you floor.

KB760TA - Select Oak

KB760TA Select Oak

KB762TA - Monet Oak

KB762TA Monet Oak

KB764 - Feature Oak

KB764 Feature Oak

KB766HSL - Washed Oak

KB766HSL Washed Oak

KB768 - Sherwood Oak

KB768 Sherwood Oak

KB770HSL - Swedish Oak

KB770HSL Swedish Oak

KB772TA - Palazzo Oak

KB772TA Palazzo Oak

KB774TA - Allure Oak

KB774TA Allure Oak

KB776HSL - Abbey Oak

KB776HSL Abbey Oak

KB778HSL - River Oak

KB778HSL River Oak

KB780TA - Cracked Oak

KB780TA Cracked Oak

KB782HSL - Victorian Oak

KB782HSL Victorian Oak

Harmony Grange

Floor photographed: Oiled Gum KB937TA
Harmony Grange

The Harmony Grange Collection has been developed for the truly discerning. These designs are inspired by the need to create modern, clean lines and to provide scope to create interiors suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

KB923TA - Alpine Sassafras

KB923TA Alpine Sassafras

KB924TA - Weathered Gum

KB924TA Weathered Gum

KB926HSL - Amber Oak

KB926HSL Amber Oak

KB928TA - Antique Wood

KB928TA Antique Wood

KB930TA - Silver Wood

KB930TA Silver Wood

KB937TA - Oiled Gum

KB937TA Oiled Gum

KB938TA - White washed Gum

KB938TA White washed Gum

KB945TA - Kauri

KB945TA Kauri

KB946TA - Australian Laurel

KB946TA Australian Laurel

KB950TA - Roaring 20ies

KB950TA Roaring 20ies

KB953TA - Ratskeller

KB953TA Ratskeller

KB957TA - Jenny Wood

KB957TA Jenny Wood

Harmony Tiles

Floor photographed: Anthracite KB367HP
Harmony Tiles

The Harmony Tile collection showcases international inspired designs which are sophisticated, yet affordable. This range is produced in a size that maximises design and atmosphere, whilst requiring minimal maintenance.

305mm x 305mm

KB101HP - Solid Ebony

Solid Ebony

KB102HP - Solid Ivory

Solid Ivory

457mm x 457mm

KB205HP - Classic Sandstone

Classic Sandstone

KB207HP - Dreamtime Slate

Dreamtime Slate

KB363HP - Alpine Stone

Alpine Stone

KB366HP - Pewter


KB367HP - Anthracite


KB372HP - Sky Grey Granite

Sky Grey Granite

KB374HP - Smokey Limestone

Smokey Limestone

KB376HP - Wolverine


KB378HP - Pike Grey

Pike Grey

KB380HP - Venetian Marble

Venetian Marble

KB384HP - Cream Marble

Cream Marble

Modular Living Plus

Floor photographed: Rare Oak CCM809
Modular Living Plus

With Modular Living Plus you can transform your home with the warm and sophisticated look of natural timber at only a fraction of the cost. Perfect for low maintenance family living, it is hard wearing, hygienic and easy to clean. Featuring the modular ‘drop down’ plank technology for easy installation with minimal pressure sensitive adhesive. Modular Living Plus has a 0.55mm strong wear layer ensuring greater durability and 5.0mm total thickness for superior underfoot comfort. Contains no harmful fillers nor harmful plasticisers and is phthalate free.

CCM809 - Rare Oak

CCM809 Rare Oak

CCM860 - Siberian Oak

CCM860 Siberian Oak

CCM862 - Limed Oak

CCM862 Limed Oak

CCM866 - Manuka

CCM866 Manuka

CCM872 - Elegant Spotted Gum

CCM872 Elegant Spotted Gum

CCM874 - Manchurian Oak

CCM874 Manchurian Oak

CCM875 - Alpine Spotted Gum

CCM875 Alpine Spotted Gum

CCM888 - Tahitian Beachwood

CCM888 Tahitian Beachwood

CCM890 - Rare Silver Gum

CCM890 Rare Silver Gum

CCM892 - Norwegian Oak

CCM892 Norwegian Oak

Kenect 5G

Floor photographed: Heritage Oak Blend KC1524
Kenect 5G

Kenect 5G is a multi-layered, waterproof floor which features the most advanced Hybrid core technology combined with the best features of LVT, a truly advanced Hybrid. The core is constructed using Limestone Calcium bonded with PVC, ensuring the product is both dimensionally and structurally stable. It features not one but 2 LVT layers. The top layer for more realistic and tactile surface finishes and the bottom layer for additional stability. Kenect 5G is named for its advanced 5G locking system allowing planks to be quickly installed over most existing hard floors.


KC1520 - Mt Fuji Oak

KC1520 Mt Fuji Oak

KC1522 - Sandy Oak

KC1522 Sandy Oak

KC1523 - Rare Ghost Gum

KC1523 Rare Ghost Gum

KC1524 - Heritage Oak Blend

KC1524 Heritage Oak Blend

KC1526 - Valley Spotted Gum

KC1526 Valley Spotted Gum

KC1527 - Coastal Blackbutt

KC1527 Coastal Blackbutt

KC1528 - Hunter Blackbutt

KC1528 Hunter Blackbutt

KC1529 - Warm Aged Oak

KC1529 Warm Aged Oak