Harmony Artisan

Harmony Artisan
Floor photographed: Le Cafe Boutique ART522HP
Floor photographed: Le Cafe Boutique ART522HP

The Artisan range is designed to appeal to the touch as well as the eye. Inspired by the diverse and stunning timbers of Australia from the distinctive features of Marri, to the alluring beauty of spotted gum. With its hand scraped, embossed timber texture it echoes the unique touch and feel of our native timbers.

ART501HP - Nature's Art

ART501HP Nature's Art

ART502HP - Creation

ART502HP Creation

ART503HP - Blackheart Marri

ART503HP Blackheart Marri

ART504HP - Masterpiece

ART504HP Masterpiece

ART506HP - Harmony Taupe

ART506HP Harmony Taupe

ART507HP - Hallmark Oak

ART507HP Hallmark Oak

ART508HP - Grandeur

ART508HP Grandeur

ART510HP - Renaissance

ART510HP Renaissance

ART515HP - Attitude

ART515HP Attitude

ART519HP - Swiss Oak

ART519HP Swiss Oak

ART521HP - Valley Sassafras

ART521HP Valley Sassafras

ART522HP - Le Cafe Boutique

ART522HP Le Cafe Boutique