Floor photographed: Spotted Gum RN450
Floor photographed: Spotted Gum RN450

Explore the enlightened design potential this range offers you, combined with leading edge technology making this the ideal product for your home. Renaissance contains a fiberglass reinforcement layer throughout the plank for superior stability. The 5.0mm thickness provides supportive underfoot comfort and excellent acoustic properties. Renaissance contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal technology, making it safe for the whole family.

RN450 - Spotted Gum

RN450 Spotted Gum

RN451 - Blackbutt

RN451 Blackbutt

RN452 - WA Karri

RN452 WA Karri

RN453 - Feature Oak

RN453 Feature Oak

RN454 - Smokey Oak

RN454 Smokey Oak

RN455 - Harvest Oak

RN455 Harvest Oak

RN490 - Sandy Oak

RN490 Sandy Oak

RN491 - Driftwood Oak

RN491 Driftwood Oak

RN492 - Mystic Oak

RN492 Mystic Oak

RN493 - Nordic Oak

RN493 Nordic Oak