Flooring Xtra Ranges

Floor photographed: Sapporo Oak AQL1410
Flooring Xtra Ranges

Flooring Xtra is Australia’s fastest growing supplier of high quality floor coverings and blinds, with a 150 store network Australia wide. Flooring Xtra is very aware that environmentally sustainable products is a subject on everybody’s mind. Partnerships with Dunlop and Planet Ark is just one way where Flooring Xtra is helping to leave a lighter footprint on our environment.

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Wood Accents

Wood Accents
Floor photographed: Messmate KB528HP

The Wood Accents colour palette caters for any and all design ideas from organic to urban, country to city, rural to metro. The vintage hand scraped emboss provides the ultimate tactile experience, echoing the unique touch and feel of natural timber. This range is manufactured using DINCH plasticiser making it phthalate free.

KB501HP - Spotted Gum

KB501HP Spotted Gum

KB502HP - Aged Marri

KB502HP Aged Marri

KB503HP - Blackheart Marri

KB503HP Blackheart Marri

KB504HP - Marri

KB504HP Marri

KB506HP - Washed Taupewood

KB506HP Washed Taupewood

KB508HP - Marginata

KB508HP Marginata

KB510HP - Weathered Marri

KB510HP Weathered Marri

KB515HP - Spotted Lemon Gum

KB515HP Spotted Lemon Gum

KB521HP - Cradle Mountain Sassafras

KB521HP Cradle Mountain Sassafras

KB522HP - Hand Scrubbed Blackbutt

KB522HP Hand Scrubbed Blackbutt

KB524HP - Distinctive Blackbutt

KB524HP Distinctive Blackbutt

KB528HP - Messmate

KB528HP Messmate


Floor photographed: Avante-garde Oak NP158HSL

The Natureplank range adds unique Australian flavour to the ambience of your home with these iconic wood patterns and colours from the widely varying ecosystems throughout this great southern land. Nature plank is manufactured using DINCH plasticiser making it phthalate free.

NP044TA - Bollygum

NP044TA Bollygum

NP048 - Brush Box

NP048 Brush Box

NP051RS - Rustic Blue Gum

NP051RS Rustic Blue Gum

NP052RS - Silky Oak

NP052RS Silky Oak

NP055HSL - Elite Oak

NP055HSL Elite Oak

NP058HSL - Avant-garde Oak

NP058HSL Avant-garde Oak

NP059HSL - Rufous Oak

NP059HSL Rufous Oak

NP064TA - Hand Scrubbed Silver Ash

NP064TA Hand Scrubbed Silver Ash

NP067HSL - Hand Oiled Ash

NP067HSL Hand Oiled Ash

NP070HSL - Alpine Kirri

NP070HSL Alpine Kirri

NP080TA - White Hazlewood

NP080TA White Hazlewood

NP082RS - Mallee Barnwood

NP082RS Mallee Barnwood


Floor photographed: Narvik Glory FF476

The intelligent range of modular planks. As it’s name suggests, FastFIT is a modern, durable flooring product that ticks all the technical and time saving boxes you would expect from a new range. Not only is it simple to install and a breeze to maintain but it also represents excellent value.¬†Contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal technology and comes with Green Tag Certification.

FF470 - Tasmanian Woollybutt

FF470 Tasmanian Woollybutt

FF471 - Queensland Blackbutt

FF471 Queensland Blackbutt

FF472 - Scrubbed Oak

FF472 Scrubbed Oak

FF473 - Oiled Blackbutt

FF473 Oiled Blackbutt

FF474 - Mountain Messmate

FF474 Mountain Messmate

FF475 - Victorian Walnut

FF475 Victorian Walnut

FF476 - Narvik Glory

FF476 Narvik Glory

FF477 - Wych Elm

FF477 Wych Elm

UrbanFIT Maxi

UrbanFIT Maxi
Floor photographed: Tasmanian Oak UF440

UrbanFIT Maxi has a modern, wide¬†and long length plank format for a more spacious feel. This product simply ‘drops” into place for quick and easy installation. The 5.0mm thick plank provides superior and supportive underfoot comfort and excellent acoustic properties. Also features 0.5mm PU wear layer and DuraCoat surface treatment for optimum protection and minimal maintenance. Contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal technology and comes with Green Tag Certification.

UF436 - Coastal Blackbutt

UF436 Coastal Blackbutt

UF438 - Aged Blackbutt

UF438 Aged Blackbutt

UF440 - Tasmanian Oak

UF440 Tasmanian Oak

UF442 - Weathered Tassie Oak

UF442 Weathered Tassie Oak

UF445 - Limed Tallow Wood

UF445 Limed Tallow Wood

UF446 - Feature Spotted Gum

UF446 Feature Spotted Gum

UF448 - Aged French Oak

UF448 Aged French Oak

UF450 - Gun Stock Oak

UF450 Gun Stock Oak


Floor photographed: Silken Spotted Gum ELE1526

Elegante, with its style, durability an comfort makes it the perfect choice for the busy home and family. If features a highly durable PU protection layer making it hard wearing and easy to maintain. It is also 100% waterproof meaning it can be installed in all areas of the home. With a 5.0mm thickness, this plank provides superior comfort under foot and excellent acoustic properties.


ELE1520 - Elegant Oak

ELE1520 Elegant Oak

ELE1522 - Australian Blackbutt

ELE1522 Australian Blackbutt

ELE1524 - Cloudy Oak

ELE1524 Cloudy Oak

ELE1526 - Silken Spotted Gum

ELE1526 Silken Spotted Gum

ELE1528 - Beachwood

ELE1528 Beachwood

ELE1530 - Decorative Spotted Gum

ELE1530 Decorative Spotted Gum

ELE1532 - Sovereign Oak

ELE1532 Sovereign Oak

ELE1534 - Sagebrush

ELE1534 Sagebrush


Floor photographed: Squatters Gum ASU1012

The Aquasmart+ come with all the benefits of the original Aquasmart Hybrid range plus more. This range still has the acoustically sound WPC core, but now has a Vilange 5G locking system, making it easier to install, stronger and more stable underfoor. Aquasmart+ is extremely durable with the ability to withstand the busiest of households. Its has a commercial grade wear layer which is enhanced with AloxPlus surface protection, making it highly resistant to surface wear and tear. Not only is Aquasmart+ 100% waterproof but so are the matching trims, meaning this can be installed throughout all areas of the home, creating a relaxed seamless feel in your home.

ASU1001 - Washed Oak

ASU1001 Washed Oak

ASU1002 - Heritage Spotted Gum

ASU1002 Heritage Spotted Gum

ASU1003 - Select grade Blackbutt

ASU1003 Select grade Blackbutt

ASU1004 - Weathered Messmate

ASU1004 Weathered Messmate

ASU1005 - Sovereign Hill

ASU1005 Sovereign Hill

ASU1006 - Mountain Grey Gum

ASU1006 Mountain Grey Gum

ASU1007 - Silvertop Ash

ASU1007 Silvertop Ash

ASU1008 - Feature Jarrah

ASU1008 Feature Jarrah

ASU1009 - Cradle Mountain Spotted Gum

ASU1009 Cradle Mountain Spotted Gum

ASU1012 - Squatters Gum

ASU1012 Squatters Gum


Floor photographed: Viking Oak AQL1408

Aqualife Hybrid Flooring is the latest technological advancement in hard flooring. It combines the best features of Laminate Floating Floor and Luxury Vinyl Planks into one durable and cost effective solution. Aqualife is extremely durable and highly resistant to indentation due to the wear layer being reinforced with Aluminium Oxide. Aqualife can be installed in all areas of your home including traditional wet areas creating a seamless look throughout your home. Spills are no issue as Aqualife is 100% waterproof, making it the perfect choice for you busy home.


AQL1402 - River Pebble Oak

AQL1402 River Pebble Oak

AQL1403 - Bleached Blackbutt

AQL1403 Bleached Blackbutt

AQL1405 - Sandy Gum

AQL1405 Sandy Gum

AQL1406 - Narvic Oak

AQL1406 Narvic Oak

AQL1408 - Viking Oak

AQL1408 Viking Oak

AQL1409 - Tamar Valley Oak

AQL1409 Tamar Valley Oak

AQL1410 - Sapporo Oak

AQL1410 Sapporo Oak

AQL1417 - Weathered Sassafras

AQL1417 Weathered Sassafras

AQL1418 - Snowy River Spotted Gum

AQL1418 Snowy River Spotted Gum

AQL1419 - Derwent Blackbutt

AQL1419 Derwent Blackbutt