Artloc Hybrid

Artloc Hybrid
Floor photographed: Champagne Oak ALC112
Floor photographed: Champagne Oak ALC112

This hybrid range is inspired by many of the natural timbers found throughout Australia. From the warm feel of Wild Sassafrass to the cool hues of Geebung Blackbutt, combined with different embossing chosen to complement each colour. Artloc is sure to give your home the authentic timber look and feel with many added benefits that comes with Hybrid Flooring.

ALC110 - Cherrybark Oak

ALC110 Cherrybark Oak

ALC111 - Wild Sassafrass

ALC111 Wild Sassafrass

ALC112 - Champagne Oak

ALC112 Champagne Oak

ALC113 - Classic Spotted Gum

ALC113 Classic Spotted Gum

ALC114 - Tableland Blackbutt

ALC114 Tableland Blackbutt

ALC115 - Geebung Blackbutt

ALC115 Geebung Blackbutt

ALC116 - Coastal Sheoak

ALC116 Coastal Sheoak

ALC118 - Black Forest Oak

ALC118 Black Forest Oak