Floor photographed: Western Spotted Gum DP1326
Floor photographed: Western Spotted Gum DP1326

The Duraplank range is your cost effective solution for heavy traffic areas in both residential and commercial applications. With 10 stunning colours to choose from and a Lifetime residential warranty you are sure to find the perfect colour to suit your home.

DP1301 - Bleached Oak

DP1301 Bleached Oak

DP1304 - Limed Silver Birch

DP1304 Limed Silver Birch

DP1307 - Ghost Gum

DP1307 Ghost Gum

DP1310 - Pitch Cypress

DP1310 Pitch Cypress

DP1312 - Royal Oak

DP1312 Royal Oak

DP1315 - Taupe Oak

DP1315 Taupe Oak

DP1318 - Outback Station

DP1318 Outback Station

DP1320 - Aubour

DP1320 Aubour

DP1323 - Oak de Rhone

DP1323 Oak de Rhone

DP1324 - Rainforest Spotted Gum

DP1324 Rainforest Spotted Gum

DP1325 - Celler Wood

DP1325 Celler Wood

DP1326 - Western Spotted Gum

DP1326 Western Spotted Gum