Modular Vinyl Planks & Tiles

Floor photographed: Tasmanian Blackbutt CWS1638
Modular Vinyl Planks & Tiles

This stunning range gives you a perfect reproduction of natural oak, blackbutt and spotted gum recreated in your home for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. These natural designs are printed in high resolution onto vinyl.

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Floor photographed: Feature Blackbutt SD424

Now with GreenTag Certification!!

This innovative modular plank technology means SmartDrop Acoustic simply ‘drops’ into place. SmartDrop requires minimal use of a pressure sensitive adhesive, making it quick and easy to install. The range features a 12 colour palette accurately reproduced from the finest of local and international timbers. The 5.0mm thick plank contains a fibreglass reinforcement layer providing superior underfoot comfort and excellent acoustic qualities. SmartDrop contains anti bacterial and anti fungal technology, and complies with the BCA sound insulation requirement for 200mm slab thickness as used in new construction multi-level residential buildings.

SD420 - Chateau Oak

SD420 Chateau Oak

SD422 - Colorado Hickory

SD422 Colorado Hickory

SD423 - Riverstone Silkwood

SD423 Riverstone Silkwood

SD424 - Feature Blackbutt

SD424 Feature Blackbutt

SD425 - Emperor Oak

SD425 Emperor Oak

SD426 - Tasmanian Sassafrass

SD426 Tasmanian Sassafrass

SD429 - Southern Rata

SD429 Southern Rata

SD431 - Limed Marri

SD431 Limed Marri

SD432 - Ebony Oak

SD432 Ebony Oak

SD433 - New England Blackbutt

SD433 New England Blackbutt

SD434 - Murray River Spotted Gum

SD434 Murray River Spotted Gum

SD435 - Feature Laurel

SD435 Feature Laurel


Floor photographed: Townhouse Oak ZM474

Stylish colours, patterns and grains faithfully reproduced from exotic local and international timbers. Convenient modular ‘drop down’ installation with minimal pressure sensitive adhesive required. 5.0mm plank thickness with stable fibreglass core for superior underfoot comfort and enhanced acoustic properties.  0.3mm PU wear layer and Dura Coat surface protection for easy maintenance.  Contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal technology, and now with Green Tag Certification.

ZM470 - Warm Spotted Gum

ZM470 Warm Spotted Gum

ZM472 - Blackbutt

ZM472 Blackbutt

ZM474 - Townhouse Oak

ZM474 Townhouse Oak

ZM479 - Castilian Oak

ZM479 Castilian Oak

ZM480 - Wild Oak

ZM480 Wild Oak

ZM482 - Limed Elm

ZM482 Limed Elm

ZM484 - Midnight Oak

ZM484 Midnight Oak

ZM485 - Vineyard Oak

ZM485 Vineyard Oak


Floor photographed: Mountain Ash CWM1292

Comfort comes in many forms and fashions. As the name suggests Cushionwood  Modular features extra thickness for less sound transfer and longer planks for a more elegant visual. The heavy wear layer provides excellent durability and the PUR surface treatment reduces the level of maintenance required. These planks are Phthalate free, containing no harmful fillers nor harmful plasticisers.

CWM1201 - Riverstone Oak

CWM1201 Riverstone Oak

CWM1227 - Alpine Bleached Ash

CWM1227 Alpine Bleached Ash

CWM1232 - Mystery Oak

CWM1232 Mystery Oak

CWM1242 - Sandy Ridge Elm

CWM1242 Sandy Ridge Elm

CWM1243 - Truffle Oak

CWM1243 Truffle Oak

CWM1292 - Mountain Ash

CWM1292 Mountain Ash

CWM2752 - Coonawarra Oak

CWM2752 Coonawarra Oak

CWM1333 - Highland Spotted Gum

CWM1333 Highland Spotted Gum

CWM1334 - Vintage Oak

CWM1334 Vintage Oak

CWM1335 - Select Tasmanian Oak

CWM1335 Select Tasmanian Oak

Cushionwood Supreme

Cushionwood Supreme
Floor photographed: Warm Spotted Gum CWS1637

Cushionwood, launched over 20 years ago and Cushionwood Modular launched 3 years ago, have been successfully installed in thousands of Australian homes – to the total an ongoing delight of their owners. Now we introduce Cushionwood Supreme. With its longer plank format and eight stunning colours, ranging from Australian timbers to natural oaks. Cushionwood Supreme is the superior choice, giving any interior a luxurious feel, by creating visual impact in larger areas of the home, including open plan living.

CWS1636 - Radient Spotted Gum

CWS1636 Radient Spotted Gum

CWS1637 - Warm Spotted Gum

CWS1637 Warm Spotted Gum

CWS1638 - Tasmanian Blackbutt

CWS1638 Tasmanian Blackbutt

CWS1639 - Australian Leatherwood

CWS1639 Australian Leatherwood

CWS1640 - Boutique Marri

CWS1640 Boutique Marri

CWS1641 - Raven Blackbutt

CWS1641 Raven Blackbutt

CWS1642 - Bleached Tasmanian Oak

CWS1642 Bleached Tasmanian Oak

CWS1643 - Hand Scrubbed Spotted Gum

CWS1643 Hand Scrubbed Spotted Gum


Floor photographed: Trevi Fontana CST651

No longer do you have to suffer the cost of purchasing stone and ceramics, installation, difficult repairs and removal, the hardness and coldness underfoot. Cushionstone, as it name suggests, delivers all the beauty of natural stone and ceramics with advantages that make it a far wiser and more practical choice. Large 600mm x 600mm tile featuring modular drop down technology for a no fuss installation and easy repairs. Fibreglass reinforcement layer for maximum stability. Heavy wear layer providing excellent durability and the PUR surface treatment that minimises maintenance for busy people. These tiles are Phthalate free, containing no harmful fillers nor harmful plasticisers.

600mm x 600mm

CST651 - Trevi Fontana

Trevi Fontana

CST652 - Granite - Cool Grey

Granite - Cool Grey

CST653 - Granite - Warm Grey

Granite - Warm Grey

CST654 - Anthracite


CST659 - Casablanca


CST664 - Polished Sandstone

Polished Sandstone