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On a fundamental level, hybrids are formed when two elements combine. In this case, the hybrid flooring we supply takes the best elements of vinyl and laminate to create a new dynamic breed of floors. At Kenbrock, our advanced multi-layered manufacturing process creates 100% waterproof hybrids, free of the issues typically associated with traditional wood based flooring.

Regardless which hybrid plank you choose, customers can be assured that their new flooring is produced as sustainably as possible. Featuring recycled or recyclable materials wherever possible, we cut out VOCs and minimise waste. All our hybrid flooring products in Sydney and Melbourne are sourced with sustainability in mind.

Through the Artloc range of hybrid flooring, you receive stunning Australian blackbutt, sassafras or sheoak styles at a fraction of the price associated with solid timber.


Hybrid Flooring For Sale

If you love the look of natural timber flooring but can’t stand the thought of constant upkeep, Kenbrock’s hybrid flooring may provide the perfect solution. Not only are hybrids hard-wearing, but they are also an affordable option for new homes and renovations. Hybrid flooring not only saves you money upfront, but also over the long haul. This sustained affordability lies in the innate quality and waterproof finish within each and every plank.

Beyond supply, Kenbrock also specialise in simple and easy installation. The advanced 5G locking system within our Kenect range allows for accurate and precise results in each property. This exciting Eclipse range is an affordable modular hybrid flooring with no click system and no need for scotia.


Hybrid Flooring In Melbourne

When it comes to finding the most suitable hybrid flooring for your Melbourne or Sydney home, Kenbrock have you covered. Designed with quality and innovation in mind, our hybrid flooring is proven, durable and offers excellent value for money.

The entire Kenbrock supply chain adheres to strict environmental practices and standards. In addition, we exclusively work with high-quality materials from start to finish.


Hybrid Flooring In Sydney

Want an affordable alternative to timber? Kenbrock can supply and install high-quality hybrid flooring at your Sydney property. We take great care ion the construction of all flooring products to ensure that you receive a long-lasting solution that holds up for many years to come.

Contact us now for any questions about our hybrid flooring range in Sydney.


Affordable Laminate Flooring

Hardwearing and cost effective, laminate flooring is the perfect option if you’re looking for an easy to clean and maintain product. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties, laminate flooring can offer convenience and reliability like no other. We would highly recommend contacting our Kenbrock team to enquire about our laminate floors, ensuring they are the right fit for you and your space.


Waterproof Hybrid Flooring

For high-quality waterproof hybrid flooring solutions, Kenbrock offer a dynamic collection of hybrid flooring products for sale across Melbourne and Sydney. Formed through a blend of multiple elements, our waterproof hybrid planks are a unique combination of vinyl and laminate designed to maximise durability. Kenbrock’s waterproof hybrid flooring is the result of a multi layered manufacturing process, free from the issues typically found in traditional wood-based flooring.

The waterproof hybrid flooring collection, available across Sydney and Melbourne, includes premium wood fibre, thermoplastic and LVT hybrid AquaSmart+ planks. In addition, you can also order the luxurious Aqualife hybrid flooring, a durable, adaptive surface.


Waterproof Laminate Flooring In Sydney

In recent years, more and more Australians have embraced the idea of laminate flooring. In large part, this is due to its ease of installation, affordability and simple maintenance. Laminate flooring offers the same visual appeal of a timber surface, yet come with far less ongoing upfront and ongoing costs.

Kenbrock’s waterproof laminate flooring gives Sydney customers an affordable solution that also offers excellent resistance to spills and stains. For further information, please contact our head office now on (03) 9765 2222.


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