Cushionoak Supreme Cos1 1634 Blackjack Oak

Supplied to you in vinyl planks and tiles, Kenbrock’s modular flooring recreates the finish of natural oak, blackbutt and spotted gum in an adaptable modern form. Each natural design is printed in high resolution onto a vinyl surface.

Unlike traditional timber, modular flooring won’t fade or warp out of shape. Our high-resolution printing ensures that all Kenbrock products offer premium style, without the premium price tag.


Why Install Modular Flooring?

Featuring generous 5mm thickness, Kenbrock’s modular hybrid planks and tiles provide everyday comfort with exceptional acoustic properties. On the whole, modular flooring represents a stable, secure and innovative flooring solution. Fitted with a layer of fibreglass reinforcement and an additional 2mm sound barrier backing, the SmartDrop Acoustic range features first-class noise reduction properties.

SmartDrop modular flooring receives its name from the way it simply ‘drops’ into place, making installation quick and straightforward. With minimal disruption to your routine, we offer a quick turnaround for all modular flooring installation and fit outs.


Modern Flooring Solutions For Your Home Or Office

Modular flooring can instantly transform any residential space in Melbourne, Sydney or beyond. This unique modern flooring solution features a warm and inviting look, whilst retaining a warm and soft feel underfoot. In addition, modular floors are far more affordable than solid or engineered timber.

As stone flooring can be hard, cold and loud, it may not be suitable to your home. Kenbrock’s Cushionwood range delivers the same inviting appearance of limestone and sandstone, without the unwanted consequences. Whatever your preference, Kenbrock can install an affordable style that you’re sure to love.


Modular Vinyl Planks & Tiles
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