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About Kenbrock

From illustrious beginnings back in 1925. Kenbrock has, in more recent times, developed into one of Australia’s premier national resilient flooring companies.

Some highlights along the way include:


Introduced the Cabot’s range of timber care products into Australia (now part of the Dulux Group as a result of a sale agreement in 1993).

Cabots Range

Launched the iconic Italian Pirelli range of rubber flooring into Australia.

Pirelli Range

Commercial Vinyl, sourced from Gerflor France, & subsequently LG, added to the range.

Commercial Viny

An historic agreement signed with the Pirelli Group authorising Kenbrock to manufacture its range of rubber flooring tiles under license. Kenbrock became the first and only company ever to be so licensed.

Agriment Sign

In the same year introduced the Hellemann wide width cushion vinyl range from Germany.

Rs9420 Teckmiellibrary Scr

Kenbrock entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Haycarb Ltd to relocate the rubber manufacturing operations to Sri Lanka. The plant became operational the following year under the Kinetics brand.

Venture Agreement

LVT is recognised as the future in resilient flooring. The Floorworks & Harmony brands were introduced to the Australian market.


Accessing fresh technology Kenbrock was one of the first companies to introduce 5.00mm Modular LVT, also referred to as Loose Lay. The launch brand was Smartdrop.

Modular Lvt

We launched our first Hybrid range – Kenect 5G. The Kenbrock Hybrid ranges embrace a Limestone core packaged between 2 LVT layers. The 5G locking system is the most advanced available.

Hybrid Range

The owners of Kenbrock enter into an agreement to progressively transfer ownership to the multinational company Gerflor SAS. This follows a long history of collaboration between the 2 companies. This was finalised 31st December 2019. Gerflor Group is the 3rd largest resilient flooring company in the world & the 2nd largest in Europe.

Gerflor Sas

Kenbrock will continue to be a leader in developing products that represent the future of the Australian resilient flooring market. This now includes product from our own factories. All products are sourced for their innovation, quality and sustainability.