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Kenbrock recognises the importance of supplying product that has been developed for today’s modern world. Not only do they need to be highly durable, low in maintenance and aesthetically appealing, but they need to be sourced from suppliers who are dedicated to reducing the negative impact that manufacturing can have on our environment.

Kenbrock can proudly say that its main distribution partners are all committed to providing superior products manufactured with environmental considerations in mind.

Kenbrock’s range of Sheet Vinyls and Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles are manufactured at ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified facilities. Quality management and environmental impacts are critical considerations in everything Kenbrock does. Our manufacturing partners do not use harmful fillers or plasticisers in our products and the production processes are heavily scrutinised to ensure that only the finest quality product reaches our customers.

Minimisation is the key. Energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, manufacturing waste – these are all key considerations for our manufacturing partners. Constant research and development is critical to ensuring that Kenbrock’s range of flooring products are manufactured to be low VOC and DOP free.

Green Edge

Kenbrock certifies that all of its LVT, Hybrid & sheet products are manufactured from safe plasticisers that are 100% Phthalate free. In order to further certify that our products are free from heavy metals, including mercury, lead & cadmium, we only allow the use of recycled material from internally generated production. We do not accept recycled material from external sources so as to ensure the integrity of our products. All of our products are free from hexavalent chrome stabilisers or pigments.

Pvc Product

Kenbrock is an audited member of the PVC Industry Product Stewardship Program. Another important environmental consideration is ongoing energy usage. Kenbrock’s products are designed for ease of maintenance which reduces energy consumption by reducing the need for intensive cleaning and maintenance.

Consumer Responsible Care
  • Please ensure that cardboard cartons are disposed of in the appropriate recycle bins or via council transfer stations/resource recovery centres.
  • At end of life please follow appropriate council instructions for the correct disposal of PVC Planks and Tiles. The product is safe for landfill, so in the absence of council directives, please ensure the end of life planks and tiles are disposed of via landfill.
Alox Plus
Alox Plus Abrasion Resistance

Extensive and innovative Australian research into advanced flooring protection for our uniquely Australian conditions has delivered AloxPlus. This advanced, Australian made, floor treatment has been developed to maximise the life and beauty of your floor by creating a superior barrier to enhance abrasion resistance.

Phthalate Free

The use of “phthalate free” plastics has long been the safety standard set for the manufacture of baby’s bottles and toddler’s toys.

You can now be assured, for the first time in Australia, that the Kenbrock phthalate free floor ranges your children are playing on, have been manufactured applying the same principles and concerns for their safety.

Kenbrock is the first company to incorporate Hexamoll®DINCH®, phthalate free plasticiser into it’s ranges.

Hexamoll®DINCH® has been developed by the international renowned BASF company for safe use in toys for children under 3 years, packaging for food and medical products. Not only does this advanced, phthalate free plasticiser make this vinyl floor the safest available for your children, but it’s exclusive use in this manufacturing process also maximises it’s flexibility and durability, prolonging it’s life and beauty.

Kenbrock Phthalate free ranges are sourced from the only manufacturing plant licensed by BASF to use Hexamoll®DINCH®, making them the most advanced safety and performance based vinyl floors available in Australia.