Flooring Xtra FastFIT Plus range is here

October 11, 2021

FastFIT + LVP flooring provides a beautiful, authentic replication of timber flooring.

This stylish plank flooring will be a well loved addition to any home, particularly busy family abodes due to its low-maintenance and easy-care design. As the name suggests, FastFIT + planks can be installed without the need for additional wall trims which will provide a clean, seamless look throughout your home.

FastFIT + can be easily swept, vacuumed, or mopped so is a time saver when cleaning. Being 100% water resistant, FastFIT + is an ideal flooring solution for all indoor areas including wet areas. The superior plank thickness will add comfort and enhanced acoustic properties to your home too. Authentic FastFIT + will be admired for years to come,
with each design transcending trends to become a classic flooring solution.


January 28, 2020


Introducing Artloc by Kenbrock

December 17, 2019


Durability with Flexibility and Design

March 31, 2017

kenfex logois Kenbrock’s High Performance Commercial Sheet Vinyl.


Kenbrock is a fully ‘Australian owned’ company at the innovative forefront of technologically advanced resilient flooring. The company originates and distributes Resilient Floor Coverings specialising in Residential and Commercial Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles, Commercial Sheet Vinyl, Residential Cushion Vinyl plus commercial grade Rubber Flooring and Tactiles.

KENFLEX 360 is a high performance, fully flexible, homogeneous Commercial Sheet Vinyl  flooring in 2m wide sheets. The product achieves the highest test result in abrasion, being Group T. This result ensures end users of excellent resistance to wear and tear in high traffic areas. Due to its PUR surface protection treatment, the product also has excellent cleaning characteristics and improved resistance to scratching and scuffing.

The product features a non-directional polychrome design incorporating coloured chips to ensure an even colour throughout the thickness. Kenbrock offers a pallet of six contemporary colours allowing for creativity and freedom of design.

Suitable for multi-purpose commercial applications, such as Aged Care, Health Care, Community housing, Educational and Sporting facilities, Retail outfits and Hospitality.

KENFLEX 360 has a densely compacted surface for improved wear and ease of maintenance. Therefore, it is also highly recommended for portable buildings, schools, supermarkets, offices, gyms and restaurants, in fact, anywhere where an easy to maintain, hard wearing floor covering with an attractive and modern appearance is required.

Because of the products great flexibility, it also simplifies the installation in areas such as hospitals where material is skirted up walls and often used for other surfaces like handrails.

Its suitability for hospitals and other medical facilities is reinforced due to this floor covering being resistant to the main chemical products used in healthcare and being non-reactive to residual indentation with a value ≤ 0.04 mm (EN 433). Furthermore, it is Castor Wheel tested and boasts very good Anti-static (<2kV) and excellent Anti-bacterial and fungicidal properties.
kenflex profile

1 – PUR Surface protection layer

2 – Homogeneous Monolayer
-pressed and calendered
-non-directional design


This floor covering has extremely low VOC emissions, more than 40 times lower than the European standards (<10 µg/m3 TVOC after 28 days ISO 16000-6) ensuring a greatly improved indoor air quality. This feature together with the fact that the product is 100% recyclable makes it an excellent choice for the environment.

As part of our sustainable development policy, this product is manufactured in a plant certified with highest quality standards ISO9001 and environmental standards ISO14001 and is backed up by a 10 year commercial warranty.

Image: Advertorial in Australian National Construction Major Project Review – Special Feature on Commercial Flooring, Issue: APR / MAY 2017.


The price of progressive sustainability is proactive vigilance

February 24, 2017

In 2015 and we appear to have finally arrived at a place where climate change deniers have taken up their rightful place among the flat earthists and yeti chasers. With this also dawns the realisation that financial considerations are but one component of the bottom line.

‘Well being’ is no longer just a mantra for hippies and yogies. We are all now accountable for the social and environmental impacts of the products we create, manufacture and supply. Fortunately, high end research, innovation and technology are delivering, at an ever more alarming pace, the tools with which to meet these responsibilities and making the path to meeting these goals far less onerous that what would have been the case as little as five years ago.

What’s even more exciting is the way scientific and manufacturing innovations now cross complex, seemingly unrelated, industries and deliver multiple benefits from interlinked research. For example, processes and production advances originally devised to solve specific issues for medical products have also created opportunities in industries as diverse as children’s toys to modern forms of vinyl flooring.

Trevor Morris, who runs the innovative, Australian owned flooring company, Kenbrock, has been in the business long enough to witness
first hand the transition from primary considerations of wear, warranty and colour to green issues pertaining to the environment and
recycling continually growing in importance. In the past, it was one of the rare situations where the press media held manufacturing to
account. Today sustainability issues are part and parcel of the core criteria for those who design, those who produce, those who specify and
those who purchase. Then add those who are simply concerned about what sort of planet we will hand on to our children and especially, the
generations after them.

At Kenbrock, the maintenance of quality issues and the minimisation of environmental impacts form part of a quite complex and multi faceted plan which is structured to not only absorb new technical advances but to actively seek out that which shows any relevance to what we offer to the market. Fortunately, our size and structure enable us to move quickly to take advantage of any improvements to existing ranges and any new product developments. As an example, the Kenbrock portfolio of technical requirements encompass a substantial list of ‘ins and outs’ and ‘do’s and don’ts’ which include:

  • manufacturing at ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified facilities
  • certified membership of the PVC Industry Product Stewardship Program
  • steering clear of products that may contain harmful fillers or plasticisers
  • change to products that are free of heavy metals such as lead, barium or cadmium
  • use of only ‘purpose designed’, low VOC LVT adhesive ( Evagrip ) Of particular interest is the Luxury Planks (LVT) Floorworks range which features established brands such as Craftmaster, International and Town and Country plus the Natural Stone tile collection. This range
  • has USA FloorCore certification for low VOC emissions
  • meets stringent EU standards (Directive 2002/72/EC)
  • is fully recyclable
  • contains a minimum of 28% recycled content

The Taiwanese manufacturer of this range has a strict ‘Zero Wastage’ policy, which means they use only their own materials for recycling. This is done to remove the risk of using materials of uncertain origin from outside sources.

Kenbrock is the only LVT supplier in Australia to feature the exciting and innovative Hexamoll™ DINCH™ plasticiser from BASF. Hexamoll™ DINCH™ is a new type of plasticiser that contains neither phthalate or formaldehyde like it’s predecessors. This advancement in technology makes a vast variety of products from flexible medical tubing to food containers, safe for contact with humans and this characteristic is of particular benefit to the production of vinyl planks and tiles, as it delivers not only the critical flexibility required but ensures contact safe and allergy free living and working environments.

Vinyl flooring delivers positively on the Wellbeing scale:

  • flat floor surfaces like vinyl also minimise the survival of dust mites and other allergens which are an issue for those who suffer with
    respiratory conditions
  • minimises the use of detergents
  • it is time efficient due to less general maintenance
  • a long wear life means infrequent replacement and hence protects your investment.

“The process of maintaining and upgrading sustainable flooring products is an ongoing process” adds Trevor Morris “It’s no good waiting for it to land in your lap. We make a point of working as a team with our suppliers and even their suppliers to ensure that we are at the ‘pointy end’ of new environmental developments in our flooring field.”

“We are working towards Green Star accreditation for most of the product ranges and our association with the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) keeps us up-todate with the trends and expectations, and connects us to key bodies and decision makers in the industry.”


Kenbrock’s Modular Plank Ranges Continue to Gain Popularity

February 24, 2017

The SmartDrop Acoustic range of vinyl planks were at the forefront of the introduction to the Australia market of 5mm thick modular planks. After many years, the SmartDrop range continues to be a product that is specified and used with confidence.

Part of the SmartDrop success story is that it offers the market a luxury vinyl plank that can be installed in the same way as modular carpet tiles. This enables both residential and large commercial projects to have products installed faster and provides easier repairs if required.

Many leading architectural firms in Australia have specified SmartDrop because of its proven features and benefits. These include the products’ enhanced acoustical benefits, Dura Coat PUR low maintenance surface, low VOC, Nano Silver anti-bacterial treatment, whilst also being free from heavy metal substances.

The latest technology is used in production in an ISO9001/ISO14001 certified facility that ensures no less than 25% recycle content is used plus the product itself is 100% recyclable, making SmartDrop a sustainable choice for the environment.

Kenbrock has ensured that the SmartDrop Acoustic range of planks adhere to stringent tests so that the product continues to be a market ground breaker. One of the tests performed was a Chamber test that proves SmartDrop is a leader in dimensional stability.

Commercial projects such as the Soda Apartments in Brisbane, DHA Townhouses at Enoggera and the Shangri-La Hotel in The Rocks in Sydney are just some of the locations where SmartDrop Acoustic has provided an attractive flooring solution.

Kenbrock’s Deputy CEO, Bill Moore, said: “We understand the importance of colour and design as well as the technical features and benefits that are required to make a range successful. That is why we spent a considerable amount of time working at and with the factory design team to develop special Australian inspired timbers such as the iconic Blackbutt and spotted gum. To  complete the range and provide balance we then included on-trend European and American timbers.”


Kenbrock’s innovative approach

November 4, 2016


Celebrating its 50th year in the industry, Kenbrock is transforming its commercial vinyl and rubber ranges to meet the demands of the current marketplace.

From illustrious beginnings back in 1966 with the introduction of the Italian Pirelli Rubber range in Australia, Kenbrock Flooring has developed into one of Australia’s premier resilient floor covering companies.

“The flooring industry is an ever changing one,” said Trevor Morris, Kenbrock Flooring’s Managing Director. “In order to stand out from our competitors we have taken the strategic approach of differentiating ourselves through our large and unique collection of designs and colours,” he said. Mr Morris said that listening to customer feedback was paramount to Kenbrock Flooring’s ongoing success. “It is our customer centric approach to business which ensures we are putting our customer base first in all our decision making processes.”

This fresh approach to business has led to several new commercial ranges and services introduced to improve the total package that Kenbrock provides its commercial customers. As part of this program, there are two new homogeneous ranges, a safety flooring range including R12 sheet vinyl and an update of the popular Pinnacle 55 commercial LVT range.

The company has also recently updated its LG heterogeneous vinyl ranges, Supreme and Durable, to meet the ever-changing colour and design trends in the Australian market. Kenbrock Flooring’s National Sales Manager, Bill Moore has been an integral part of the Kenbrock team for 28 years and has witnessed the demands of customers evolve.

“Our goal is to provide specifiers, retailers and flooring contractors with a full range of products, which are suitable for major commercial environments – these being education, health, retail and industrial,” he said. The long and close relationships that Kenbrock has built with its manufacturing partners has produced a large and ever expanding selection of quality commercial flooring options with up-to-date colour and design options to suit any commercial space.

The company has also increased its service to the specification market by incorporating a team of technical advisors who are available, at any time, to provide assistance on any issues that may arise, whether they are issues relating to meeting technical regulations or an on-site problem such as the subfloor or material/s. This new service also includes the option of on-site maintenance training for any of Kenbrock’s product ranges.

The company has a dedicated customer service department which looks after any inquiries relating to the Kenbrock product range, as well being able to arrange a next day delivery on product sample requirements.Currently under construction is a new electronic commercial specification library, which will make the process of specifying Kenbrock’s product ranges more efficient.

Bill Moore said that Kenbrock Flooring now truly offers innovative flooring solutions for commercial resilient floor coverings in Australia. “As a 100% Australian owned and operated company we understand the local market and always strive for complete long term customer satisfaction with all we do. That is why all of our products are fit for purpose; meet BCA and NCC requirements; achieve ISO international manufacturing requirements and offer unique design and colour options at a competitive price.”