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What is EIR?

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EIR or Embossed-in-Register is an embossing technique that produces texture which follows the pattern in a printed design image on a non-natural product, such as luxury vinyl planks. When it comes to flooring, this technology creates ultimate realism to achieve the look and feel of natural wood and stone materials.

Textured Emboss means the surface of the flooring is a texture that closely matches the individual colour and design of your floor.

Embossed- In-Register means the embossed texture is synchronised or precisely aligned with the visual pattern printed on the flooring.

Embossed-in-Register creates a realistic, true-to-life look and feel. It adds depth and texture to the surface, making it appear as though it has the imperfections and tactile qualities of the real material it is emulating. This technology allows vinyl flooring to mimic real hardwood and engineered timber floors.

Kenbrock is proud to be one of the Australia’s first to bring EIR technology to modular vinyl planks with our new CushionOak Supreme range.