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Flooring Xtra FastFIT Plus range is here

January 03rd , 2022 01
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FastFIT + LVP flooring provides a beautiful, authentic replication of timber flooring.

This stylish plank flooring will be a well loved addition to any home, particularly busy family abodes due to its low-maintenance and easy-care design. As the name suggests, FastFIT + planks can be installed without the need for additional wall trims which will provide a clean, seamless look throughout your home.

FastFIT + can be easily swept, vacuumed, or mopped so is a time saver when cleaning. Being 100% water resistant, FastFIT + is an ideal flooring solution for all indoor areas including wet areas. The superior plank thickness will add comfort and enhanced acoustic properties to your home too. Authentic FastFIT + will be admired for years to come, with each design transcending trends to become a classic flooring solution.

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