Luxury Vinyl Planks & Tiles

Floor photographed: Marri KB504HP
Luxury Vinyl Planks & Tiles

Floorworks has been designed to deliver the visual appeal of luxurious natural finishes, plus the durability to support modern family lifestyles at an affordable budget. Floorworks is manufactured using DINCH plasticiser making it phthalate free.


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Floor photographed: Spotted Lemon Gum KB515HP

The Craftmaster collection draws inspiration from the diverse and stunning timbers of Australia, delivering hand scraped finishes which echo the unique touch and feel of those native timbers.

KB501HP - Spotted Gum

KB501HP Spotted Gum

KB502HP - Aged Marri

KB502HP Aged Marri

KB503HP - Blackheart Marri

KB503HP Blackheart Marri

KB504HP - Marri

KB504HP Marri

KB506HP - Washed Taupewood

KB506HP Washed Taupewood

KB508HP - Marginata

KB508HP Marginata

KB510HP - Weathered Marri

KB510HP Weathered Marri

KB515HP - Spotted Lemon Gum

KB515HP Spotted Lemon Gum

KB516HP - Elegant Blackbutt

KB516HP Elegant Blackbutt

KB518HP - Frankland River Blackbutt

KB518HP Frankland River Blackbutt

KB520HP - Bleached Ash

KB520HP Bleached Ash

KB523HP - Vintage Oak

KB523HP Vintage Oak

Town & Country

Floor photographed: Squatter’s Pride KB651TA
Town & Country

The Town & Country Collection with is new longer and wider plank, conveys the easy elegance of cottage living in any environment. This collection has something for everyone, whether you are looking to create a rural hideaway or an urban space. Rustic timber finishes combined with contemporary colours will inspire creativity.

KB605HSL - Narvik Birch

KB605HSL Narvik Birch

KB619 - Australian Cherry

KB619 Australian Cherry

KB624 - Baltic Oak

KB624 Baltic Oak

KB627TA - Victory Oak

KB627TA Victory Oak

KB629TA - Nelson Oak

KB629TA Nelson Oak

KB633HSL - Nullarbor Marri

KB633HSL Nullarbor Marri

KB647HSL - Compressed Bamboo

KB647HSL Compressed Bamboo

KB639HSL - Beach Oak

KB639HSL Beach Oak

KB642HSL - Mallee Select

KB642HSL Mallee Select

KB643HSL - Aubour

KB643HSL Aubour

KB644HSL - Norwegian Wood

KB644HSL Norwegian Wood

KB651TA - Squatters Pride

KB651TA Squatters Pride

Timeless Oak

Floor photographed: Rustic Oak KB780TA
Timeless Oak

The Timeless Oak Collection replicates some of the world’s most sought after Oak timbers, injecting an international flavour into any interior space. This collection delivers a strong contemporary representation of modern, urban decor, utilising timbers from cool toned Limed oak to Rustic Oak, full of impact and character.

KB760TA - Modern French Oak

KB760TA Modern French Oak

KB762TA - Oiled Oak

KB762TA Oiled Oak

KB764 - Natural Oak

KB764 Natural Oak

KB766HSL - Weathered Oak

KB766HSL Weathered Oak

KB768 - English  Forest Oak

KB768 English Forest Oak

KB770HSL - Limed Oak

KB770HSL Limed Oak

KB772TA - Grand Oak

KB772TA Grand Oak

KB774TA - Majestic Oak

KB774TA Majestic Oak

KB776HSL - Provence Oak

KB776HSL Provence Oak

KB778HSL - Decorative Oak

KB778HSL Decorative Oak

KB780TA - Rustic Oak

KB780TA Rustic Oak

KB782HSL - Alpine Oak

KB782HSL Alpine Oak

Pinnacle 55

Floor photographed: Stone Ash KB924TA
Pinnacle 55

The Pinnacle 55 Collection has been developed for the truly discerning. These designs are inspired by the need to create modern, clean lines and to provide scope to create interiors suitable for both residential and commercial environments.

KB923TA - White Maple

KB923TA White Maple

KB924TA - Stone Ash

KB924TA Stone Ash

KB926HSL - Bordeaux Oak

KB926HSL Bordeaux Oak

KB928TA - Tavern Oak

KB928TA Tavern Oak

KB930TA - Limed Grey Gum

KB930TA Limed Grey Gum

KB937TA - Aged Leatherwood

KB937TA Aged Leatherwood

KB938TA - Limed Elm

KB938TA Limed Elm

KB945TA - Premium Kauri

KB945TA Premium Kauri

KB946TA - Select Walnut

KB946TA Select Walnut

KB950TA - Capone

KB950TA Capone

KB953TA - French Villa Parquet

KB953TA French Villa Parquet

KB957TA - Tasmanian Blackwood

KB957TA Tasmanian Blackwood

Natural Stone

Floor photographed: Checkerboard Blend of Solid Ebony & Solid Ivory KB101/KB102HP
Natural Stone

As consumers seek out newer and ever wider design options so this Natural Stone range has evolved to meet the demand. Hand rubbed, polished and bleached stone looks have been created to suit every flavour of decor from rustic to minimalist. Sandstones and Granites from every corner of Australia in the larger  457 x 457 mm size reflect the wide open spaces.

305mm x 305mm

KB101HP - Solid Ebony

Solid Ebony

KB102HP - Solid Ivory

Solid Ivory

KB101/102HP - Checkerboard Blend

Checkerboard Blend

457mm x 457mm

KB205HP - Fremantle Sandstone

Fremantle Sandstone

KB207HP - Newcastle Sandstone

Newcastle Sandstone

KB363HP - Santorini


KB366HP - Brushed Ash Grey

Brushed Ash Grey

KB367HP - Silver Lava

Silver Lava

KB372HP - Blue Mink Granite

Blue Mink Granite

KB374HP - Clouded Concrete

Clouded Concrete

KB376HP - Spotted Brown Stone

Spotted Brown Stone

KB378HP - Wolf Grey

Wolf Grey

KB380HP - Highland Granite

Highland Granite

KB382HP - Silver Stone

Silver Stone

Home Decor

Floor photographed: Bleached Oak KB164
Home Decor

The Home Decor collection is the culmination of decades of commercial flooring experience applied to create a durable, low maintenance range of domestic floors. Timber patterns have been selected from some of the worlds most appealing timbers and textures to complement the beauty of your home.

KB161 - Atherton Oak

KB161 Atherton Oak

KB162 - Malanda Oak

KB162 Malanda Oak

KB164 - Bleached Oak

KB164 Bleached Oak

KB166 - Rustic Aged Oak

KB166 Rustic Aged Oak

KB168 - Northern Spotted Gum

KB168 Northern Spotted Gum

KB170 - Bleached Hazelnut

KB170 Bleached Hazelnut

NP044TA - Bollygum

NP044TA Bollygum

NP055HSL - Elite Oak

NP055HSL Elite Oak

NP058HSL - Avant-garde Oak

NP058HSL Avant-garde Oak

NP059HSL - Rufous Oak

NP059HSL Rufous Oak

NP064TA - Hand Scrubbed Silver Ash

NP064TA Hand Scrubbed Silver Ash

NP067HSL - Hand Oiled Ash

NP067HSL Hand Oiled Ash