Floor photographed: Narvik Glory FF476
Floor photographed: Narvik Glory FF476

The intelligent range of modular planks. As it’s name suggests, FastFIT is a modern, durable flooring product that ticks all the technical and time saving boxes you would expect from a new range. Not only is it simple to install and a breeze to maintain but it also represents excellent value.┬áContains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal technology and comes with Green Tag Certification.

FF470 - Tasmanian Woollybutt

FF470 Tasmanian Woollybutt

FF471 - Queensland Blackbutt

FF471 Queensland Blackbutt

FF472 - Scrubbed Oak

FF472 Scrubbed Oak

FF473 - Oiled Blackbutt

FF473 Oiled Blackbutt

FF474 - Mountain Messmate

FF474 Mountain Messmate

FF475 - Victorian Walnut

FF475 Victorian Walnut

FF476 - Narvik Glory

FF476 Narvik Glory

FF477 - Wych Elm

FF477 Wych Elm